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SUYUDD Hinged ROM Knee Brace with I Japan Maker New OP Injury Atlanta Mall Strap Patella Post

SUYUDD Hinged ROM Knee Brace with Strap,Post OP Patella Injury I


SUYUDD Hinged ROM Knee Brace with Strap,Post OP Patella Injury I

Product description


Hinged ROM Knee Brace, Post Op Knee Brace for Recovery Stabilization ACL MCL and PCL Injury Adjustable Medical Orthopedic Support Stabilizer After Surgery

* Help knee joint to regain its original functions or functional training for long-term rehabilitation.
* Can be adjusted as individual demand. The bilateral range-of-motion settigns can be adjusted between0°-120°of flexion and 0°-120°extension.
* By setting Angle adjustment lock allowing normal knee joint motion within a suitable range, it can provide stability to an injured and unstable knee.
* Fix and repair knee joint fracture, patellar fracture, dislocation, meniscus injury, muscle tone, contracture, arthritis and genu recurvatum disease etc

Material:Breathable non-slip material
Specifications: Universal Leg Size,left,right

Package Includes:
1 Piece Knee Orthosis

Only the above package content, other products are not included.

SUYUDD Hinged ROM Knee Brace with Strap,Post OP Patella Injury I

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