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XIAOQIAO Adjustable Inventory cleanup selling sale Height Selling and selling Piano Bench Double Keyboard Ben Stool

XIAOQIAO Adjustable Height Piano Bench Stool Double Keyboard Ben


XIAOQIAO Adjustable Height Piano Bench Stool Double Keyboard Ben

Product description


This piano bench is a professional piano bench lift bench, suitable for high-end grand pianos!.
The proper height of the piano bench can make the player sit comfortably and play smoothly.
If the user's height is not fixed, you can choose a piano stool with adjustable lifting height.

High-quality hardware
Painted wooden handle
Metal bracket
Can be used in different age levels, 10cm height adjustable range

Product name: Grand piano stool
color: White
Size: length 80x width 43x (52-62)cm
Applicable number: 1 person, 2 people
Frame material: solid wood
Accessories material: metal + high-quality artificial leather
Function: Comes with book box, can be raised and lowered
Care instructions: Wipe the surface with cotton cloth and neutral detergent, and then dry it with a dry cloth.

The package includes:
Piano stool* 1
Installation manual* 1
Installation accessories * 1

Dear buyer, if you have any questions or suggestions before, during, or after your purchase, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will reply to you within 24 hours and do our best to meet your needs.

XIAOQIAO Adjustable Height Piano Bench Stool Double Keyboard Ben

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