Anime Action Figure Model Live Love Kotori Max 61% OFF $35 Anime Action Figure Model, Love Live Anime Action Figure Kotori Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets Action,$35,Live,/kanae6560710.html,Anime,Anime,Kotori,,Model,,Figure,Love,Action,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets,Figure $35 Anime Action Figure Model, Love Live Anime Action Figure Kotori Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets Anime Action Figure Model Live Love Kotori Max 61% OFF Action,$35,Live,/kanae6560710.html,Anime,Anime,Kotori,,Model,,Figure,Love,Action,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets,Figure

Anime Action Figure Model Live Love Kotori Max 61% Spring new work one after another OFF

Anime Action Figure Model, Love Live Anime Action Figure Kotori


Anime Action Figure Model, Love Live Anime Action Figure Kotori

Product description

Exquisite workmanship Anime Character Model. Brings your favorite characters on the big screen to real life!
Widely used:home decorations, office decorations, desktop decorations, collectibles, gifts!
Product Name: Kotori Minami PVC Figure
Product Size: about 22cm High
Product Weight: about 0.5 kg
Product Material: PVC
Product color: picture color (Real shooting, you can buy with confidence)
Product use: personal preferences collection, gifts, beautiful desktop animation accessories
Applicable scene: can be used as decorative lights in the bedroom, children's room, living room, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant, etc.
★ High-quality materials: Cute cartoon anime dolls, made of high-quality PVC, fun and safe, and easy to clean.
★ Cute: Inspired from popular anime. With unique design and perfect details, very suitable for any fan of this anime.
★ How to take care: Wipe with wet wipes. Provide high-quality gifts for children, fans, collectors, toddlers, birthday or holiday gifts.
★ Exquisite gifts for your friends and children. A must-have collection for all anime fans. Suitable for bedroom, living room, home, office, car, sofa, bookstore, hotel, club, party and every place you like. It can also be used as birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Anime Action Figure Model, Love Live Anime Action Figure Kotori

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