WPYYI Spinning Wheel Without Gap Oblique Long-Range Special sale item Stainless S Oblique,Long-Range,$184,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Without,Wheel,netdust.ru,Gap,,/kanae6560610.html,Stainless,Spinning,S,WPYYI WPYYI Spinning Wheel Without Gap Oblique Long-Range Special sale item Stainless S Oblique,Long-Range,$184,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Without,Wheel,netdust.ru,Gap,,/kanae6560610.html,Stainless,Spinning,S,WPYYI $184 WPYYI Spinning Wheel Without Gap, Long-Range Oblique Stainless S Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $184 WPYYI Spinning Wheel Without Gap, Long-Range Oblique Stainless S Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

WPYYI Spinning Wheel Large special price !! Without Gap Oblique Long-Range Special sale item Stainless S

WPYYI Spinning Wheel Without Gap, Long-Range Oblique Stainless S


WPYYI Spinning Wheel Without Gap, Long-Range Oblique Stainless S

Product description

Size name: 5000
Bearing: 9+1 bearing
Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Weight (G): 348g
Corrosion-resistant bearings are stable, reliable, and quiet.
Stainless steel main shaft, streamlined design body is made of durable, strong stainless steel, and polished.
Reel handle direction: left and right hand interchangeable type
The deep and large-capacity aluminum spool and the machined hollow design reduce weight and are very strong.
Maximum resistance of large fiber

WPYYI Spinning Wheel Without Gap, Long-Range Oblique Stainless S

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