$53 ZHJBD JIANER Vision aid Desktop Magnifier Metal Base Foldable HD Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment ZHJBD JIANER Cheap mail order specialty store Vision aid Desktop Magnifier Base Metal Foldable HD ZHJBD,$53,JIANER,Foldable,Desktop,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Base,/kanae6560410.html,Magnifier,aid,netdust.ru,Vision,Metal,HD ZHJBD,$53,JIANER,Foldable,Desktop,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Base,/kanae6560410.html,Magnifier,aid,netdust.ru,Vision,Metal,HD $53 ZHJBD JIANER Vision aid Desktop Magnifier Metal Base Foldable HD Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment ZHJBD JIANER Cheap mail order specialty store Vision aid Desktop Magnifier Base Metal Foldable HD

ZHJBD JIANER Cheap mail order specialty Beauty products store Vision aid Desktop Magnifier Base Metal Foldable HD

ZHJBD JIANER Vision aid Desktop Magnifier Metal Base Foldable HD


ZHJBD JIANER Vision aid Desktop Magnifier Metal Base Foldable HD

Product description

Customer Service-Before shipping, we will strictly check whether the product is damaged to ensure that you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.
Product Name: Magnifier
Type: Desktop Magnifier
Color: silver
Frame material: ABS
Net weight: 347g
Size: mirror diameter: 12cm
Height: 28cm
Base diameter: 14cm
Lens material: optical PMMA lens
Note: The battery is not included

ZHJBD JIANER Vision aid Desktop Magnifier Metal Base Foldable HD

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