HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX 8 inches Seat Leather Kids Children Mi Pony Quality inspection Pony,/ironmongery6598993.html,Mi,HORSE,,Children,Leather,$140,inches,SADDLERY,IMPEX,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Seat,8,Kids Pony,/ironmongery6598993.html,Mi,HORSE,,Children,Leather,$140,inches,SADDLERY,IMPEX,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Seat,8,Kids $140 HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX 8 inches Seat Children Pony Kids Leather Mi Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX 8 inches Seat Leather Kids Children Mi Pony Quality inspection $140 HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX 8 inches Seat Children Pony Kids Leather Mi Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX 8 inches Arlington Mall Seat Leather Kids Children Mi Pony Quality inspection

HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX 8 inches Seat Children Pony Kids Leather Mi


HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX 8 inches Seat Children Pony Kids Leather Mi

Product description

A Completely 100% Genuine Saddle only From HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX Store No.1 Store on Amazon.
Make sure to check out other saddles from HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX as well.
Fast Shipping and 100% Safe Delivery. Best and Cheapest seller Available in India.
Always provide us the feedback if you loved the products Be the envy of all your friends with this beautiful classic western saddle!

*** Girth Cinch, Back Cinch, Saddle Pad, and Horse Bit NOT INCLUDED *

Size: 8" inches Seat
Horn - 2"
Weight - 15 to 18 lbs (approx.)
Skirt - 14" x 15"
Wood Tree - 3 1/2"
Gullet Stirrups Size - 3" Wide, 1 1/2"
Thread Stirrups Range 15"- 22"
Weight: Approx. 15 to 18 lbs

Measurement is from center of seat to the bottom of the stirrup. It can also be adjusted to fit your child better by making additional holes.

Thank You amp; Have A Nice Day.?

HORSE SADDLERY IMPEX 8 inches Seat Children Pony Kids Leather Mi

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