95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash 2.5 Bags 50 Long-awaited Case Mil Duty,/ironmongery6558893.html,Trash,Clear,Mil,,Gallon,Super,50,Health Household , Household Supplies,$62,2.5,95,Bags/Case,netdust.ru,Bags, Duty,/ironmongery6558893.html,Trash,Clear,Mil,,Gallon,Super,50,Health Household , Household Supplies,$62,2.5,95,Bags/Case,netdust.ru,Bags, $62 95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash Bags, 2.5 Mil, 50 Bags/Case Health Household Household Supplies $62 95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash Bags, 2.5 Mil, 50 Bags/Case Health Household Household Supplies 95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash 2.5 Bags 50 Long-awaited Case Mil

95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash 2.5 Brand new Bags 50 Long-awaited Case Mil

95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash Bags, 2.5 Mil, 50 Bags/Case


95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash Bags, 2.5 Mil, 50 Bags/Case

Product description

95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash Bags, 2.5 Mil, 50 Bags/Case. Ideal for industrial applications, outdoor receptacles, contracting, demolition and remodeling jobs. Manufactured from 100% virgin hexene-based Linear Low Density Polyethylene(LLDPE) resins, the bag's 2.50 Mil thickness offers maximum puncture and tear resistance. Star seal bottom provides optimal fit to receptacle, even load distribution and superior leak protection. Clear color helps to monitor trash, sort recycled material, and collect linens. Each bag measures 58in. x 62in. for a superb fit into 95 Gallon receptacles. Packaged in coreless rolls, which simplifies inventory control, distribution and accountability. One case contains 1 cored roll of 50 bags each for a total of 50 bags per case., Lot of 1

95 Gallon Super Duty Clear Trash Bags, 2.5 Mil, 50 Bags/Case

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