JAC2040 BSRR Racing Prism Mounted Las Vegas Mall 1 10 Truck Foam Rear Pi Tires $23 JAC2040 BSRR Racing Prism Mounted 1/10 Truck Foam Rear Tires (Pi Toys Games Vehicles $23 JAC2040 BSRR Racing Prism Mounted 1/10 Truck Foam Rear Tires (Pi Toys Games Vehicles Racing,/ironmongery6558793.html,Tires,Foam,Prism,1/10,$23,Rear,Truck,Mounted,JAC2040,Toys Games , Vehicles,BSRR,netdust.ru,(Pi Racing,/ironmongery6558793.html,Tires,Foam,Prism,1/10,$23,Rear,Truck,Mounted,JAC2040,Toys Games , Vehicles,BSRR,netdust.ru,(Pi JAC2040 BSRR Racing Prism Mounted Las Vegas Mall 1 10 Truck Foam Rear Pi Tires

JAC2040 BSRR Racing Prism Mounted Las Vegas It is very popular Mall 1 10 Truck Foam Rear Pi Tires

JAC2040 BSRR Racing Prism Mounted 1/10 Truck Foam Rear Tires (Pi


JAC2040 BSRR Racing Prism Mounted 1/10 Truck Foam Rear Tires (Pi

Product description

This is a set of two JACO Prism Pre-Mounted Foam Rubber Racing Tires, for the TTraxxas Jato, Rustler and Stampede.  These tires have been specifically designed for the high speed demands of the TTraxxas brushless and nnitro powered vehicles.  JACO uses only the highest quality foam sheets from around the world to produce their tires and they always incorporate the "freshest" rubber in their tires to ensure quality amp; performance.  JACO does not buy "donuts" from other manufacturers.  Since JACO laminates, cuts, trues and grades the foam in house, they have total control over the production process.  JACO is also involved in other non-R/C related manufacturing.  This, unlike other tire manufacturers, gives them an incredible advantage with making sure their batches of foam are consistent and true.  Anything that doesn't meet their strict grading system is used in other manufacturing projects.  All JACO tires are produced on state of the art computerized machines.  These same machines cut custom, high tolerance products used by the US Military and The Auto industry.
fitment TTraxxas Jato
TTraxxas nnitro Rustler
TTraxxas nnitro Sport
TTraxxas nnitro Stampede

JAC2040 BSRR Racing Prism Mounted 1/10 Truck Foam Rear Tires (Pi

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