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CHUFZSD Black Pink Gold Scatter Top Gradient Abstract Confetti F


CHUFZSD Black Pink Gold Scatter Top Gradient Abstract Confetti F

Product description

Other description: 【 Material Description 】 Tempered glass 【Accessories structure】 Weight scale + battery + measuring tape + manual 【Product performance】 Ultra-bright LCD screen, the night reading is clearer; four-point high-sensitivity sensor, accurate and stable; automatic switch machine, convenient and energy-saving; built-in large-capacity battery, long-lasting battery life; large area, low center of gravity, non-slip solid base, comfortable and safe weighing Experience, minimalist style, lines outline beauty. [Applicable scenarios] It is suitable for home bedroom, advertising, and gift giving. 【 Washing instructions 】 It is recommended to wipe regularly with a damp cloth. 【 Special Note 】 This size data is normal due to different measurement methods. The error is within 1-2cm. 【 Reminder 】 The picture display effect is for reference only, and the final effect is subject to the actual product! Due to objective factors such as production batches, machinery and equipment, it is difficult to avoid or will have small color differences, position and size errors. If the above problems are normal, they will not be included in the after-sales processing category.

CHUFZSD Black Pink Gold Scatter Top Gradient Abstract Confetti F

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