ynVISION SEAL limited product Modern Easel TV Stand Viewing A with Mount Adjustable netdust.ru,Mount,ynVISION,$140,Viewing,Adjustable,Modern,with,TV,Easel,Electronics , Television Video,/intertergal6074222.html,A,Stand ynVISION SEAL limited product Modern Easel TV Stand Viewing A with Mount Adjustable netdust.ru,Mount,ynVISION,$140,Viewing,Adjustable,Modern,with,TV,Easel,Electronics , Television Video,/intertergal6074222.html,A,Stand $140 ynVISION Modern Easel TV Stand Mount with Adjustable Viewing A Electronics Television Video $140 ynVISION Modern Easel TV Stand Mount with Adjustable Viewing A Electronics Television Video

ynVISION SEAL limited product Modern Easel TV Branded goods Stand Viewing A with Mount Adjustable

ynVISION Modern Easel TV Stand Mount with Adjustable Viewing A


ynVISION Modern Easel TV Stand Mount with Adjustable Viewing A

Product description


About The Company

ynVISION.design is a small company based out of Millburn, NJ USA. We specialize in bespoke AV brackets, AV system design, and home automation.

YN-MoTV Description

The ynVISION MoTV and MoTVC provide a sleek design that fits well in any home or office. Give your space a modern and contemporary look with this industrial stand. Purchase an IR repeater or extender and mount your cable box and other 3rd party boxes to the back of the stand, out of sight. Purchase an ynVISION YN-BRMNT and mount a sound bar to the YN-MoTV to get a clean, modern design as pictured in this listing. Use wire ties, dual lock fasteners, double sided tape or other 3rd party brackets to mount set top boxes such as Apple TVS, Rokus, cable boxes and other small items to the back of the television out of sight. This stand is 53in X 35in X 20in.


- Matte Black or Chrome | Fits screens 49"-70" | 65" TV Pictured in Stock Photo
- Cable management | hides cables inside the stand for a clean look | 88 LB Weight Limit
- Easy and quick assembly | Includes Anti-Tip safety straps
- Adjust the height of the TV on the pole for height preference | TV can turn 90 degrees in either direction
- VESA Compatible: 200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x400

ynVISION Modern Easel TV Stand Mount with Adjustable Viewing A

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