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BDF NC20 Large discharge sale Window Film Premium Control Nichr Oakland Mall Performance Heat High

BDF NC20 Window Film Premium High Performance Heat Control Nichr


BDF NC20 Window Film Premium High Performance Heat Control Nichr

Product Description


Unlike conventional window films, Buydecorativefilm’s Premium High Performance Heat Control NC20 window film contains nickel and chromium alloys that make it more effective in solar energy control. With a reflective, metallic shade, the NC20 window film will add a tinted look to your window and give it function. The alloy contained in the film is highly resilient and forms an effective barrier against solar energy by capturing and dispersing heat throughout the surface it is applied to.
Here are some additional comments about our NC20 High Performance Heat Control window film:

  • The dark, metallic shade will give the window a reflective appearance depending on lighting conditions.
  • Provides both clear visibility and adequate view shielding.
  • Window film is to be applied on the inside of your window unless specified otherwise.
  • Perfect for rooms that have direct sunlight exposure to keep temperatures at a minimum.



The side with the most amount of light will become moderately reflective! Therefore, the effect of any reflective, privacy enhancing window film will greatly depend on the lighting conditions as mentioned above. This is why the privacy-effect works so great during the day, and almost not at all at night, because the sun usually makes the exterior of your building much, much brighter than the interior of your building. At night, you will most likely have your room well-lit and the outside will be much darker, making it easy for people to see in and hard for you to see out. However, coupled with the use of curtains or blinds for night-time privacy, the reflective property of this window film is perfect for windows that face directly into the sun and are exposed to extreme sunlight!


As mentioned above, the NC20 window film provides great solar heat rejection properties.  It rejects about 99% of the UV rays, helping to reduce fading on your precious furniture or other UV sensitive belongings, and captures and disperses heat throughout the surface it’s applied to. With a lower Visible Light Transmittance, the NC20 blocks a lot of visible light coming in. By maintaining your room at a cooler, moderate temperature, you can promote a more environmentally aware lifestyle by reducing energy usage and help create a greener world.

For first-timers, it might initially seem confusing to make the window film stick to the window, but it’s actually really simple! Use two pieces of tape to grab onto one of the corners on each side of the film. Once you start pulling apart the tape, the backing liner should start to peel off from the window film itself. Remember to closely follow the installation manual and use lots of soapy water to prevent the film from sticking everywhere.

Our products come with the tools needed to get your job done and an installation guide is included to help you with a smooth installation process. With the right amount of care, practice, and patience, both installation and removal of the film should be simple and easy. 

Whether your windows are small, big, wide, or narrow, our products come in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. It is usually recommended and sometimes necessary that you have more than enough film to cover the window so that you have a bigger margin for error and can trim/cut off the excess pieces as you install.

BDF NC20 Window Film Premium High Performance Heat Control Nichr

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