Creative Brands Holiday Collection Tote Large Cash special price Market Tan $30 Creative Brands Holiday Collection Market Tote, Large, Tan Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Creative Brands Holiday Collection Tote Large Cash special price Market Tan Large,,Collection,Creative,Holiday,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Tan,$30,,Market,Tote,,/intertergal6073922.html,Brands Large,,Collection,Creative,Holiday,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Tan,$30,,Market,Tote,,/intertergal6073922.html,Brands $30 Creative Brands Holiday Collection Market Tote, Large, Tan Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Creative Brands Holiday Collection Tote Large Cash Rare special price Market Tan

Creative Brands Holiday Collection Market Tote, Large, Tan


Creative Brands Holiday Collection Market Tote, Large, Tan

Product description

Love our Farmer's Market Tote? Well we've created a brand new design that outdoes the rest! With longer handles and wider storage space. You'll love filling these bags up with your latest Farmer's Market or Vintage finds! 100% Jute/Burlap. Genuine Leather Handles. Inside pocket. Waterproof Lining Santa Barbara Design Studio is all about imagination and design, working with artists in an effort to be fun, fab, and unique while creating eclectic collections encouraging personal style. Since 1976, SBDS has encouraged our customers to take a chance and experience something new and different. Our passion for finding the next wonderful product has translated into a broad line drawn from the works of the most talented and trendsetting designers. Experience the Santa Barbara Design Studio vibe.

Creative Brands Holiday Collection Market Tote, Large, Tan

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