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Inexpensive QAZWC-A1 Mute Multi-Functional Stepper Weight Fitn Exercise Loss Store

QAZWC-A1 Mute Multi-Functional Stepper Weight Loss Exercise Fitn


QAZWC-A1 Mute Multi-Functional Stepper Weight Loss Exercise Fitn

Product description

Our stair stepper - A great partner for indoor-exercises! Simple function combine with high-quality steel material, suitable for all family member's exercise. Save space and step anywhere with the Fitness Stair Stepper, which delivers smooth steps to target your calves and thighs while also sculpting your core muscles for increased calorie and fat burning results.
Lightweight and portable, easy to store
Pure fitness mini stepper
Made from sturdy steel with 2 non-slip texured foot pads with hydraulic cylinders
The Dual hydraulic cylinders keep you steady and on pace
The visible electronic readout displays step count, calories burned and elapsed time
Scan/repeat functions to help you track your progress easily
It is Easy to Maintain and Keep Clean
Two free training ropes for arms training.
Comes with a floor mat to protect your floor from wear and tear.
Comes complete with install accessories.

QAZWC-A1 Mute Multi-Functional Stepper Weight Loss Exercise Fitn

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