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QGWZ USB Condenser Microphone Recording Mic Cardioid - Streaming Max Sacramento Mall 55% OFF

QGWZ USB Condenser Microphone Recording - Streaming Mic Cardioid


QGWZ USB Condenser Microphone Recording - Streaming Mic Cardioid

Product description

[Fuss-free Set Up]-With its driver-free and plug-and-play design, installing USB microphone is a breeze.

[High Quality Sound]-Recording microphone for podcasting, streaming, gaming.Immerse your audience with clearer, richer, and warmer recorded sound.

[Flexibility and Portability]-All metal construction microphone and detachable desktop stand

[Vocal Microphone for Multipurpose]-Works great with audacity, sound forge, dxtory, skype, push-to-talk,VoIP program,Discord.

[Live Monitoring Streaming Microphone]-For your live performance, lets you monitor your voice during streaming without notable delay.You can also connect directly to your mobile phone.

[Attention]-If the mic suddenly stops working and doesn't pick up sound after the most recent windows10 update, please go to settingsgt;privacygt;microphone and set it to allows apps to access the microphone.

QGWZ USB Condenser Microphone Recording - Streaming Mic Cardioid

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