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Logging Logger with chainsaw Metal Art from Ranking TOP19 design a made Custom New life

Logging Logger with chainsaw Metal Art Custom design made from a


Logging Logger with chainsaw Metal Art Custom design made from a

These saws are a great, unique gift for friend or yourself! Perfect for the LOGGER in your life! This is a classic scene hand cut from a vintage, rusty saw!

THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER PRODUCT I may be able to get this out to you faster than listed here- contact me to check my current schedule.

You can also add your initials (or up to 4 letters) to this saw - only an extra $20. Select this option while ordering and then let me know what you would like!

The actual saw will be slightly different and the design might vary, The photo is a representation of the final product. Each metal art piece I make is cut by hand. This allows me to make each one a little different. It allows you to request a custom design or addition that lets you tell YOUR story. I also think that my metal art has much more character than those cut by machines. I believe that a hand made gift is always preferred to something machine made (but maybe that's just me).

I’m really enjoying the process of delving deeper into metal art and exploring new techniques. A recent trip to local sales resulted in the purchase of a quantity of hand saws. This is a new ‘medium’ for me and I’m having a lot of fun designing these and then cutting them out in my shop. The average handsaw is 24-29 inches long and about 6 inches tall. They can be hung with two nails - one on the handle end, and the other for the hole I put at the end of the saw blade. Vertical Saws can be hung using a hook welded to the back of the saw.

I will also be happy to make a custom design as these make wonderful gifts for birthdays and special occasions (retirement, weddings, anniversaries, etc). Email me today and let’s create something great together! :D

Logging Logger with chainsaw Metal Art Custom design made from a

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