Pinsofy Firm Guitar Body Wooden Undone for 55% OFF Student Pinsofy Firm Guitar Body Wooden Undone for 55% OFF Student $129,Guitar,,Guitar,Body,,for,/extrasyphilitic6558890.html,Pinsofy,Undone,Firm,Student,Wooden,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Body, $129 Pinsofy Firm Guitar Body, Undone Wooden Guitar Body, for Student Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories $129,Guitar,,Guitar,Body,,for,/extrasyphilitic6558890.html,Pinsofy,Undone,Firm,Student,Wooden,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Body, $129 Pinsofy Firm Guitar Body, Undone Wooden Guitar Body, for Student Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

Pinsofy Firm Guitar Body Wooden Colorado Springs Mall Undone for 55% OFF Student

Pinsofy Firm Guitar Body, Undone Wooden Guitar Body, for Student


Pinsofy Firm Guitar Body, Undone Wooden Guitar Body, for Student

Product description


1. High-quality materials, strong and durable, reusable and have a long service life
2. The neck of the splash guard specification, all holes have been drilled, polished to 320 to prepare for pretreatment
3. Semi-finished guitar body, suitable for DIY hand-made lovers, you can make your own guitar
4. Strict quality control and quality assurance, high safety factor, can be used with peace of mind
5. For neck pocket, sss ssh pickup and control panel assembly guitar body accessories


Item Type: Guitar BodyBody Thickness: Approx.

Pinsofy Firm Guitar Body, Undone Wooden Guitar Body, for Student

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