$32 Yyqx Toilet Bowl Brush Set Household Toilet Brush Stainless Stee Home Kitchen Bath Yyqx Toilet Bowl Brush Set Household Stee Stainless Max 47% OFF $32,Stee,Toilet,Brush,/expansively6599079.html,Home Kitchen , Bath,Yyqx,Brush,netdust.ru,Set,Stainless,Bowl,Household,Toilet $32 Yyqx Toilet Bowl Brush Set Household Toilet Brush Stainless Stee Home Kitchen Bath $32,Stee,Toilet,Brush,/expansively6599079.html,Home Kitchen , Bath,Yyqx,Brush,netdust.ru,Set,Stainless,Bowl,Household,Toilet Yyqx Toilet Bowl Brush Set Household Stee Stainless Max 47% OFF

Yyqx Toilet Bowl Brush Set Household Stee Stainless Max 47% OFF Manufacturer direct delivery

Yyqx Toilet Bowl Brush Set Household Toilet Brush Stainless Stee


Yyqx Toilet Bowl Brush Set Household Toilet Brush Stainless Stee

Product description

We recommend clean the toilet brush by water immediately after use.
Name: Toilet brush
Material: stainless steel + ABS
Use range: family, hotel
Surface Treatment: Polishing Processing
1. Please check the size before purchasing.
2. Does not include items other than the toilet brush shown in the product photo.
3. Please note that due to the different monitors, slight chromatic aberration may occur, please understand.
4. The above data is for reference only, the size is manual measurement, there will be 1-3cm error, please allow, thank you.
5.Your satisfaction is the greatest aim of our service. Although we can't be by your side, we hope to provide you with the most sincere service. If you have any questions about our toilet brush , please feel free to contact us!

Yyqx Toilet Bowl Brush Set Household Toilet Brush Stainless Stee

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