Electric,Foldable,netdust.ru,Distanc,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Scooter,Long,with,Seat,,$1529,Adult,FUJGYLGL,/expansively6560479.html FUJGYLGL Adult Electric Scooter with Soldering Seat Long Distanc Foldable $1529 FUJGYLGL Adult Electric Scooter with Seat, Foldable Long Distanc Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Electric,Foldable,netdust.ru,Distanc,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Scooter,Long,with,Seat,,$1529,Adult,FUJGYLGL,/expansively6560479.html FUJGYLGL Adult Electric Scooter with Soldering Seat Long Distanc Foldable $1529 FUJGYLGL Adult Electric Scooter with Seat, Foldable Long Distanc Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Save money FUJGYLGL Adult Electric Scooter with Soldering Seat Long Distanc Foldable

FUJGYLGL Adult Electric Scooter with Seat, Foldable Long Distanc


FUJGYLGL Adult Electric Scooter with Seat, Foldable Long Distanc

Product description

We have designed a brand new electric scooter that is not only a great playmate, but also an effective helper in your life.
Designed for comfortable and safe cycling
The electric scooter is equipped with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, which can be used for a long time. Its deck is spacious and provides ample standing space, while also enhancing its stability.
Front LED lights and safety warning tail lights
Stable and comfortable padded seat
E-ABS front and rear double disc brakes provide convenience and safety
Folding function makes you easy to carry
Size: 110 * 102 cm
Product weight: about 24kg
Maximum load: 300 kg
Traveling distance: about 25 km / h
Endurance: 80 km
Motor: 500W brushless motor
Battery: lithium battery for automotive power
Battery charging time: 6-8 hours
Allowable gradient (depending on your weight): 30 degrees
Maximum mileage: 80 kilometers (depending on road and driver's weight)
Voltage: 110-240V
Frame: aluminum alloy
Tire: 10-inch vacuum tire
Running lights: LED headlights, rear brake lights, turn signals
Packing list:
1 x folding electric scooter
1 x charger

FUJGYLGL Adult Electric Scooter with Seat, Foldable Long Distanc

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