$77 Osg 8595497 - Screw Machine Drill 4.97mm HSSE TiN Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Osg 8595497 quality assurance - Screw Machine Drill 4.97mm TiN HSSE Drill,netdust.ru,-,Screw,4.97mm,/epuration6558875.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,TiN,Osg,$77,Machine,8595497,HSSE Osg 8595497 quality assurance - Screw Machine Drill 4.97mm TiN HSSE $77 Osg 8595497 - Screw Machine Drill 4.97mm HSSE TiN Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Drill,netdust.ru,-,Screw,4.97mm,/epuration6558875.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,TiN,Osg,$77,Machine,8595497,HSSE

Osg 8595497 quality assurance - Screw Machine Austin Mall Drill 4.97mm TiN HSSE

Osg 8595497 - Screw Machine Drill 4.97mm HSSE TiN


Osg 8595497 - Screw Machine Drill 4.97mm HSSE TiN

Product description

Screw Machine Drill Bit Metric Drill Bit Size 4.97mm Decimal Equivalent 0.1957 Drill Bit Point Angle 120 Degrees Drill Bit Material High Speed Steel Drill Bit Finish TiN Coolant Through No Overall Length 70.00mm Grade General Purpose Shank Dia 6.00mm Flute Length 26.00mm Point Type Four Facet Point List Number 1100 For Drilling Aluminum Alloys Aluminum Casting Low Carbon Steel 300 Stainless Steel and 400 Stainless Steel Sizes Included 4.97mm Depth Dia. Ratio 3xD

California proposition 65 warning.

Osg 8595497 - Screw Machine Drill 4.97mm HSSE TiN

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Advice for carers and support workers
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