Canopies and Albuquerque Mall Tarps Silver Poly Premium 16’ Duty x 6’ Tarp Heavy Tarps,,and,Duty,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,$30,Canopies,Silver,6’,x,16’,Premium,Tarp,,Heavy,Poly,/dayflower6073968.html Tarps,,and,Duty,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,$30,Canopies,Silver,6’,x,16’,Premium,Tarp,,Heavy,Poly,/dayflower6073968.html Canopies and Albuquerque Mall Tarps Silver Poly Premium 16’ Duty x 6’ Tarp Heavy $30 Canopies and Tarps Silver Poly Premium Heavy Duty Tarp, 6’ x 16’ Tools Home Improvement Hardware $30 Canopies and Tarps Silver Poly Premium Heavy Duty Tarp, 6’ x 16’ Tools Home Improvement Hardware

Canopies and Albuquerque Mall Tarps Silver Poly Premium Milwaukee Mall 16’ Duty x 6’ Tarp Heavy

Canopies and Tarps Silver Poly Premium Heavy Duty Tarp, 6’ x 16’


Canopies and Tarps Silver Poly Premium Heavy Duty Tarp, 6’ x 16’

Product description

When you want maximum protection from weather and sun from a tarp, count on the Canopies and Tarps 6’ x 16’ Silver Poly Premium Heavy Duty Tarp. It consists of a strong poly material that offers 100% shade and UV light protection. This material is waterproof. With a finished size of 5.5’ x 15.5’, it has plenty of coverage area to protect a variety of items. It will stand up to tough usage conditions, thanks to rope reinforced corners, a 12 mil thickness, a 6 oz. per square yard weight and a 14x14 mesh count.

Canopies and Tarps Silver Poly Premium Heavy Duty Tarp, 6’ x 16’

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