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XLMHZP BreathableSkin-Friendly Mattress Cover Printed Bed Cover


XLMHZP BreathableSkin-Friendly Mattress Cover Printed Bed Cover

Product description

Fabric: Brushed and skin-friendly fitted sheets, bright in color, light and delicate to the touch, caring for the skin and keeping warm and comfortable. (Including only 1 fitted sheet, excluding pillowcases and others)
Fitted sheet: 100x200cm+25cm (35.43inchx78.74inch+9.96inchx1pcs)
Fitting sheet: 120x200cm+25cm (47.24inchx78.74inch+9.96inchx1pcs)
Fitted sheet: 150x200cm+25cm (59inchx78.74inch+9.96inchx1pcs)
Fitted sheet: 180x200cm+25cm (70.86inchx78.74inch+9.96inchx1pcs)
Fitted sheet: 180x220cm+25cm (70.86inchx86.61inch+9.96inchx1pcs)
Fitted sheet: 200x200cm+25cm (78.74inchx78.74inch+9.96inchx1pcs)
Fitted sheet: 200x220cm+25cm (78.74inchx86.61inch+9.96inchx1pcs)
Sexual printing and dyeing do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the human body, does not fade, and cares for the health of the family.
The 360° all-inclusive elastic band is non-slip design, the four corners are neat and beautiful, durable, and fastness.
Egyptian cotton has pores that allow air to pass through them and avoids suffocating feeling at night. Also, they come with absolutely no pilling. Fabrics made of Egyptian cotton are smoother, finer high levels of purity.

XLMHZP BreathableSkin-Friendly Mattress Cover Printed Bed Cover

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