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CAIMEI Simple Wall Lights Gold Light Fixture White Glass Ball La


CAIMEI Simple Wall Lights Gold Light Fixture White Glass Ball La

Product description

About Us

1. We Are Mainly Engaged in Various Types of Household Lamps and Lighting Lamps, Enhancing High-Quality, Functionally Beautiful and Reasonably Priced Lighting Design Products for Each Customer. Our Product Range Includes Various Led Lamps, Chandeliers, Wall Lamps, Floor Lamps, Chandeliers, Etc.

2. We Have Strong Ramp;Amp;D Personnel and Quality Control Team, Who Have Many Years of Professional Experience in the Lighting Field.

3. Please Rest Assured to Buy: We Have a Complete After-Sales Service System. If You Have Any Quality Problems, Please Feel Free to Contact Us.

◆ Dimensions:

Length: 21.7Cm

Width: 20Cm

Height: 22.6Cm

Base Diameter: 15Cm

◆ Specifications:

Style: Modern and Simple

Lamp Shape: Wall Lamp

Material: Glass, Metal

Color: White, Gold

Number of Light Sources: 1

Voltage: 110-240V

Average Service Life: 50000 (H)

Irradiation Area: 5㎡ -10㎡

Lamp Holder Specifications: E27

Light Source Power: Max 40W

Light Source Type: Led Bulb, Incandescent Bulb, Energy Saving Bulb, Cfl Bulb.

Whether to Include Light Source: Does Not Include Light Source

Applicable Places: Study Room, Hallway, Restaurant, Storeroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Corridor, Corridor, Exhibition Hall, Balcony, Hotel Guest Room.

[Package Contains]

1 X Wall Lamp

1 X Mounting Accessories


1. Please Check the Size of the Wall Light Before Ordering to Ensure That the Light Fits Your Room.

2. Adjustable Height, Suitable for All Pendant Lamp Series, You Can Adjust the Light According to Your Needs. (Dimmer is Not Included) Easy to Assemble According to Installation Instructions.

3. Use a Soft Dry Cloth to Remove Dust.

CAIMEI Simple Wall Lights Gold Light Fixture White Glass Ball La

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