$72 WEWINMON LHS 12pcs 1/2inch 8-24mm CR-V Metric Ratchet Wrench Soc Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $72 WEWINMON LHS 12pcs 1/2inch 8-24mm CR-V Metric Ratchet Wrench Soc Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Metric,1/2inch,WEWINMON,LHS,CR-V,Ratchet,Soc,Wrench,12pcs,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$72,netdust.ru,8-24mm,/alhenna6560700.html WEWINMON LHS 12pcs 1 Latest item 2inch 8-24mm Wrench Ratchet CR-V Metric Soc Metric,1/2inch,WEWINMON,LHS,CR-V,Ratchet,Soc,Wrench,12pcs,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$72,netdust.ru,8-24mm,/alhenna6560700.html WEWINMON LHS 12pcs 1 Latest item 2inch 8-24mm Wrench Ratchet CR-V Metric Soc

WEWINMON LHS 12pcs online shopping 1 Latest item 2inch 8-24mm Wrench Ratchet CR-V Metric Soc

WEWINMON LHS 12pcs 1/2inch 8-24mm CR-V Metric Ratchet Wrench Soc


WEWINMON LHS 12pcs 1/2inch 8-24mm CR-V Metric Ratchet Wrench Soc

Product description

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We offer a variety of tools that are ideal Compatible with everyday use by DIY enthusiasts and professional staff.


Material: CR-V

Type: Metric

Size: 1 / 2inch

Quantity: 12pcs


Practical, Durable, ideal Compatible with various applications.

With 9 pcs of 8-24mm can replace the Socket.

Ratchet Ring spanners, Heat-treated steel design helps prevent bruised and scraped knuckles.

Ideal Compatible with getting at hard to reach nuts amp; bolts.

Package Included:

10Pcs Socket: 8/ 9/10/ 12/13/14/17/19/22/24mm

1Pcs Ratchet wrench

1Pcs Extension rod

WEWINMON LHS 12pcs 1/2inch 8-24mm CR-V Metric Ratchet Wrench Soc

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