BoHBoDa 7'' Multi-Speed trend rank Vibrating Jelly Men Wom for Massager Toy $30 BoHBoDa 7'' Multi-Speed Vibrating Jelly Massager Toy for Men Wom Health Household Wellness Relaxation,Toy,Jelly,Men,$30,Wom,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,for,/Phersephatta6560409.html,Multi-Speed,Massager,Vibrating,7'',BoHBoDa $30 BoHBoDa 7'' Multi-Speed Vibrating Jelly Massager Toy for Men Wom Health Household Wellness Relaxation,Toy,Jelly,Men,$30,Wom,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,for,/Phersephatta6560409.html,Multi-Speed,Massager,Vibrating,7'',BoHBoDa BoHBoDa 7'' Multi-Speed trend rank Vibrating Jelly Men Wom for Massager Toy

BoHBoDa Las Vegas Mall 7'' Multi-Speed trend rank Vibrating Jelly Men Wom for Massager Toy

BoHBoDa 7'' Multi-Speed Vibrating Jelly Massager Toy for Men Wom


BoHBoDa 7'' Multi-Speed Vibrating Jelly Massager Toy for Men Wom

Product description

Open a new world of hot and wild pleasure 16837;

Soft and pliable shaft.
Glows in the dark.

Multi-speed motor.
Material: body-safe PVC.

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
Color: as shown in photos.

7'' x 1.25'' / 18 cm x 3 cm.

BoHBoDa 7'' Multi-Speed Vibrating Jelly Massager Toy for Men Wom

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