XJJZS Type S Push-Ups Stands Spasm price Rack Dom Equipment Fitness Exercise XJJZS Type S Push-Ups Stands Spasm price Rack Dom Equipment Fitness Exercise Stands,XJJZS,Dom,Push-Ups,Equipment,Rack,$183,netdust.ru,Exercise,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Fitness,/Phersephatta6559009.html,S,Type $183 XJJZS Type S Push-Ups Stands Exercise Fitness Equipment Rack Dom Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Stands,XJJZS,Dom,Push-Ups,Equipment,Rack,$183,netdust.ru,Exercise,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Fitness,/Phersephatta6559009.html,S,Type $183 XJJZS Type S Push-Ups Stands Exercise Fitness Equipment Rack Dom Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

XJJZS Type S Push-Ups Stands Spasm price Rack Dom Equipment Fitness Over item handling Exercise

XJJZS Type S Push-Ups Stands Exercise Fitness Equipment Rack Dom


XJJZS Type S Push-Ups Stands Exercise Fitness Equipment Rack Dom

Product description

Name: push-up bracket
Colour: Black
material: metal
Size: 41 × 23cm
Weight: 4kg
Disassembly: one-piece
Bearing capacity: 150kg
Applicable scene: home
Features: shaping body shape, endurance, shoulder training
Compact design, small size, light weight, no need for extra space, can be used anywhere, easy to carry
Packing: 1*training bracket

XJJZS Type S Push-Ups Stands Exercise Fitness Equipment Rack Dom

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