$45 Festool 497177 P400 Grit, Granat Abrasives, Pack of 100 Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories Festool Mail order 497177 P400 Grit Granat 100 Pack of Abrasives 497177,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,netdust.ru,100,P400,of,Grit,,$45,Abrasives,,Granat,/Phersephatta6074309.html,Festool,Pack 497177,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,netdust.ru,100,P400,of,Grit,,$45,Abrasives,,Granat,/Phersephatta6074309.html,Festool,Pack $45 Festool 497177 P400 Grit, Granat Abrasives, Pack of 100 Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories Festool Mail order 497177 P400 Grit Granat 100 Pack of Abrasives

Festool Mail order 497177 P400 Grit New color Granat 100 Pack of Abrasives

Festool 497177 P400 Grit, Granat Abrasives, Pack of 100


Festool 497177 P400 Grit, Granat Abrasives, Pack of 100

Product description

From the Manufacturer

Compatible with Festool ES 125, ETS 125, Rotex RO 125 and other 5-inch sanders. P400 grit abrasives for fine-finish applications, pack of 100. A premium abrasive composed of hardened Aluminum Oxide and Ceramic Grit for scratch resistant coatings and high VOC coatings. Festool offers a fully integrated sanding solution for all your applications, from aggressive stock removal to superfine, finish sanding. With a complete line of abrasives in a wide assortment of different types and grits ranging from 24 to 4,000, Festool has the perfect paper to meet your specific application needs. Festool abrasives, with their high tech coatings, provide maximum resistance to clogging and smearing, which means longer lasting abrasives and less rework. Save money by reducing costs and achieve consistent, high-quality results.

Festool 497177 P400 Grit, Granat Abrasives, Pack of 100

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