Halogen,Bulbs,Light,10W,,100W,$24,/Carinaria6599063.html,Di,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,to,80W,Bulbs,,netdust.ru,G9,Equivalent,LED G9 Finally resale start LED Light Bulbs 10W Equivalent Halogen Di to 100W 80W $24 G9 LED Light Bulbs 10W, Equivalent to 80W 100W Halogen Bulbs, Di Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Halogen,Bulbs,Light,10W,,100W,$24,/Carinaria6599063.html,Di,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,to,80W,Bulbs,,netdust.ru,G9,Equivalent,LED G9 Finally resale start LED Light Bulbs 10W Equivalent Halogen Di to 100W 80W $24 G9 LED Light Bulbs 10W, Equivalent to 80W 100W Halogen Bulbs, Di Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs

G9 Finally resale start LED Light Bulbs 10W Equivalent Halogen Regular discount Di to 100W 80W

G9 LED Light Bulbs 10W, Equivalent to 80W 100W Halogen Bulbs, Di


G9 LED Light Bulbs 10W, Equivalent to 80W 100W Halogen Bulbs, Di

Product description


Condition: new
Base: standard G9 base
Dimmable: YES
Power: 10W(80-100Watt halogen bulb equivalent)
Color Temperature: 3000K (Warm White)
Input Voltage: 100-130V
Beam Angle: 360 degree
Lifespan: 30,000 hours
Luminous Flux: 800-1000 Lumens
CRI: 80+

1. Easy to install, can be easily fitted G9 socket.
2. Energy saving, save dramatically on energy costs compared to incandescent lamps.
3. Instant-on to full brightness, no flicker.
4. No more maintenance, long lifespan.

Package included:
4 X G9 LED light bulbs

G9 LED Light Bulbs 10W, Equivalent to 80W 100W Halogen Bulbs, Di

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